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Here is a list of commonly asked questions. Can't find your question? No problem, simply email the team at

Where is my user dashboard and what appears on it?
Everyone who signs up to Made Open has a user dashboard, which can be updated at any time. This displays your profile, your activity history, your settings, the groups you have joined and the tasks that have been assigned to you. It is also where you manage all of your activities and view your inbox. To access, simply click on your profile picture or 'username'.

How do I change my username?
Your username can be updated by visiting your profile and clicking on 'settings'. Select ‘edit profile settings', change your username and click 'submit changes'.

How do I change my password?
Your password can be updated by visiting your profile and clicking on ‘settings’. Select 'edit profile settings' and click ‘request a password change’. Then simply follow the instructions as described.

How do I update my account email address?
Your email address can be updated by visiting your profile and clicking on ‘settings’. Simply type in your new email address and click ‘submit changes’.

Can I change how often I receive email notifications?
Not yet, sorry. Soon you will be able to within the 'settings' section of your user dashboard.

I forgot my password how do I log in?
Click 'log in' on the homepage and click ‘forgotten password’. Follow on screen instructions to reset your password.

How do I deactivate my account?
Your can deactivate your account by visiting your profile and clicking on ‘settings’. Select 'edit profile settings' and click ‘deactivate my account’. Deactivating your account will remove your profile and projects. Any issues, comments or ideas will be switched to an anonymous status.

Can I raise any issue on Made Open?
As a general rule, if your issue helps to solve real problems and ultimately enriches the lives of others, then it belongs on Made Open. Anything that is anti-social, offensive, self-serving or dangerous will be deemed inappropriate. For more in depth guidance, please refer to our 'terms of use' section.

Where is Made Open available?
Made Open can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. We currently only support the English language and operate in pound sterling.

Why use Made Open?
Made Open is the only platform in the world where you can acquire £100, 100 volunteers or 100 paintbrushes in one place. It is also the cheapest way to crowdfund with a 0% commission fee on our free to use platform. That's right, we receive nothing from your crowdfunding projects.

What happens if something isn’t working?
Please let us know via the 'report a bug' button on the bottom right hand corner of the platform. Alternatively, if you have suggestions for functionality that you’d like to see, please tell us on

I want to use Made Open for my organisation - is there anyway to have private projects or groups?
Yes, there are a number of ways to achieve this. You can either set up a private group, which is a members only area. Here you can keep activities private within your group or make them public, depending on your wishes. Alternatively, you can licence from us a completely customised platform. Here you can create a bespoke user community, customise the branding and content of the entire platform, push email notifications out to your user community, and have administrator privileges to manage all aspects of your platform. Please contact for more information.

What happens if my issue, idea or comment disappears from the website?
If your content is no longer visible on Made Open then it means someone has reported it as being inappropriate. As a safety measure, anything reported is automatically removed. The platform's moderation team will then check the content. If your content is safe, they will aim to get it back on the site as soon as possible. If not, it will be stay removed and you will be notified.

What are Groups and how do I create one?
Groups are private member spaces for sharing thoughts and ideas, as well as crowdsourcing privately. Groups are visible to everyone but, to become a member, you must be accepted by the person who started the group (group admin). To start your own group you must be signed up with Made Open and have a personal profile. You will find a section called 'groups' in your user dashboard. Click the 'start a group' button, add your unique group name and fill in the rest of the details. Once completed you'll be given a unique group URL for sharing with your friends, colleagues or other contacts.

How do I get people to join my group?
To join your group, people must be signed up to Made Open and have their own personal profile. All they need to do after that is visit your group page and click the 'join group' button. You will then be notified that they wish to join and can accept them within the groups tab within your own user dashboard.

How do I edit my group profile?
Visit your group page (when logged in) and click the 'edit group' button.

How do I leave a group?
Visit the group page you wish to leave and select 'leave group' underneath the main group image.

Why do I need to sign up in order to pledge?
Sign up allows both you and the project owner to keep a track of your pledge. It only takes a few seconds to 'sign up' but your pledge could make a massive difference to the person asking for your support. We think that's worth a few seconds.

What is a successful project?
A successful project is a project that has met its total pledge target within the allotted time period. A project total pledge target is the combination of all pledged items. If for example you are asking for 10 volunteers, 10 toothpicks and £10 - your total pledge target would be 30. If you got 10 volunteers, and 10 toothpicks but only £9 your project would fail because you’ve only managed 29 out of 30 pledge items. If you got 9 volunteers, 11 toothpicks and £15 your project would be a success because you’ve got 35 of your 30 pledge items. Even if you don’t hit an individual target, you project will be a success on Made Open if you achieve your cumulative pledge target.

What happens when my project is a success?
Once your project has ended successfully, you can start making arrangements for the collection of your pledges. For money that has been raised on the platform, Stripe (our payment partner) will transfer funds automatically into your account. Your first transfer from Stripe can take up to ten days to clear. After that you can expect money in your account seven days after a project completes. Volunteering and material pledges are things that you will need to arrange privately with your pledgers via your user dashboard.

What happens if pledgers don’t deliver?
The Made Open team (or your platform moderator) can’t guarantee that your project will receive everything that has been pledged. Pledging on Made Open is based on good faith. Sadly, there is nothing to force people to do what they have said.

What happens if a pledger’s card is declined?
Declines can happen for a variety of reasons. When Stripe submits a charge to your pledger’s bank, their automated systems will determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various signals into account such as your pledger’s spending habits, account balance and card information like the expiration date and CVC.

When do I receive my pledged funds?
We use Stripe Connect for processing our payments, which means you will need to set up a Stripe account to receive any payments. Stripe works on a 7-day turnaround so you can expect payment 7 days after your project completes.

When do I receive my pledged materials?
It’s up to you. All we do is to connect you and the interested party who has agreed to provide said materials. Once a project is successful you can contact the pledgee through your user dashboard and arrange collection of materials via our in-built messaging tool.

When do I 'receive' my volunteers?
As with organising materials, organising volunteers is your responsibility. All we do is connect you with the willing volunteer. Within our terms of use section, we provide guidance on how we expect project leaders and volunteers to behave. Although we have no control or influence on the behaviour of either party, we will ban users from the site if we hear of inappropriate behaviour in regards to organisation of volunteers. Hasn't happened yet though!

What happens if I don’t meet my project targets in the timeframe?
You will not receive any of your pledged items, volunteers or money and the project will be removed from the activity stream. It’s not bad news though. As a project leader you can still manage your team through the activity dashboard and access your project page so there is nothing to stop you from trying again. Don’t think of it as losing a project but gaining a project team.

Can I start a project for anything?
Made Open is a platform for empowering and mobilising people around social good. We love projects that benefits communities and makes life better for others. As long as your project fits within this core principle, you can pretty much run a project for anything. There are a few other things we like to check before we approve a project so have a quick look through our terms of use if you'd like more information.

How do I find projects to pledge my time, money or materials too?
By viewing the activity stream and choosing to filter activity by projects.

How do I pledge to a project?
You must visit the project page within the activity stream or enter the project URL (if known). Once on the page you will see a progress bar with a button to pledge money, time or materials depending on the project needs. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your pledge.

Do I need to create a Stripe account?
Stripe is the payment processing system we use to manage payments. You will not need a Stripe account if you want to give money to a project. You can simply add an email address and your card details. You only need a Stripe account if you wish to collect money.

Will I get charged for pledging money?
There are no fees on Made Open for pledging money. For users in receipt of funds, Stripe which charge 1.4% + 20p. Made Open does not receive any commission from crowdfunded revenues.

When will I my card get charged?
You will be charged when the project you are supporting has finished and has met all of its pledging goals.  It can take up to seven days for this payment to clear. This is all handled through Stripe. Please read their documentation for further details.

What do pledgers get in return?
If you pledge your time, money or materials to a challenge, we can’t promise you’ll get anything. That’s up to the project leader. However, we’re fairly certain you’ll get a warm tingly feeling inside from making a positive change to something that matters to you.

How do I know a project leader will actually follow through and deliver the project as claimed?
Made Open is a very public act. The projects that succeed will often rely on lots of involvement from lots of people. Projects that do not clearly communicate how they will spend money or don’t provide a good plan of action are more likely to fail. On top of this, the platform moderator’s check each project application before it goes live. Although this is no guarantee that they will do as they say, without a little trust and faith Made Open couldn’t exist. Be smart, do your research, and let us know of those who don’t follow through on their projects.

What are discussion rooms?
Discussion rooms allow group members to chat via text based messaging, share files with each other (via google drive) and conduct group video chats with up to 8 people (via Anyone in a group add create a new room and anyone can view and be part of any room.

How do I set up and use a discussion room?
It's easy to set up a discussion room:

  • Go to your group page
  • Click on the "discussions" tab
  • Click the "New discussion room" button
  • Add a room title and description then click "Create room" 

Once the room is set up you can start to use the tools on the page: 

Video chat: To start a video chat all you need to do is click the "" button on the right hand side, this will open a video chat screen with an option for you to "enter the room". Once have clicked this you will appear in the chat room with anyone else who has also clicked the button.

Once you are in you can choose to go fullscreen by clicking the logo in the bottom corner, which also allows you to make the most of's features such as live messaging, screen sharing & room locking. You can find out more about and its awesome features here.

We recommend using the latest version of google chrome for the best experience, please check out their support pages for any further help with issues using video chat.

File sharing: File sharing is done via google drive, so to share files with your group you will need a google account and you will need to upload or create files using google drive. To add files you just need to click the "google drive" button , log in and select the files you want to share. Easy.

Files will appear on the right under the google drive button, to view a file simply click the file name, to delete the file click the 'X'. You will need to check your sharing options on each file in google drive to make sure your group members can access your files. You can learn more about sharing files with google drive here.

Why isn't file sharing or the video chat working for me? :(
There are a few reasons why you might have difficulty using some of these new features, in both cases we are using external third party software to bring you these cool features, so for trouble shooting you will need to check out the following links:

Video chat isn't working:

A couple easy things to check:

  • You have an up to date version of your browser (Chrome is recommended)
  • You have a good internet connection (the more people you are talking to the stronger it needs to be)
  • All your hardware is working (camera, mic and speaker)

Lots more information is availble here:

File sharing isn't working:

A couple quick things to check:

  • You may need to refresh the page to see the files that you or others have added
  • You may need permission from the file owner to view the file in question
  • Check that you have an up to date version of your browser

Lots more information is availble here: