Help centre

How it works

This section introduces some of the things you can do on Community Made Open:

Sign up / Log in

To create an account:

  • 'Sign up' with a username, email address and password.
  • or sign up with your existing Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles
  • Personalise your experience by adding more details about yourself.

To use Made Open:

  • Click 'Log in'.
  • Logging in means signing up to our user agreement, which outlines our code of conduct.

View the activity stream

The activity stream is where all challenges, projects, events and polls are displayed. Here you can:

  • Like activities
  • Submit ideas
  • Pledge to projects
  • Participate in polls
  • Join events
  • Report activities
  • Share via social media

Use the filter bar on the right hand side to narrow your search.


Make Connections

The Made Community community is everyone on your collaboration platform. Use the filter bar to narrow your search and connect with the people who can make a difference to your projects.


Ask the community for ideas

This feature is all about sharing ideas. It takes less than 20 seconds to ask your community for ideas, and you can share your activity with mainstream social networks by using the social sharing buttons.

To ask a question, set a challenge or raise an issue:

  • Click the 'Ask the community' button.
  • Type in your question, challenge or issue.
  • If you are a member or admin of a group, make your activity public or private (to a group).
  • Select a theme if this is relevant.
  • Enter the place or postcode if relevant.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Congratulations, your activity is live.

You can add more details to improve popularity in one of two ways:

  • By adding more information to the form that follows the previous task.
  • By managing this activity from your user or group dashboard.


Start a crowdsourcing project

Projects give you the ability to request money, volunteers and materials.

To set up your project page:

  • Select what you need - money, volunteers or materials.
  • If you are a member or admin of a group, make your activity public or private (to a group).
  • In step 1, enter your requirements (these are mandatory fields).
  • In step 2, enter your details (these are non-mandatory fields but will improve your changes of reaching your target).
  • In step 3, preview your project or submit to Made Open.
  • Congratulations!

What happens next?

  • If your project is public, the site administrator will check your project to ensure it fits our social criteria and has the best chance of success.
  • If it is private, the group admin will do this instead.
  • If everything looks good, they will make your project live.
  • Your project will appear on the relevant (public or group) activity stream and you will be notified by email. Good luck!


Create a poll or and event


Use your dashboard

Your user or group dashboard can be accessed by clicking on your username or profile image. Here you can:

  • Edit and showcase your profile.
  • View your history (user dashboard only).
  • Send and receive emails to your Made Open community.
  • Change your settings.
  • Manage your activities.
  • Manage your groups.


Managing your activities

The 'Manage Activities' within your user dashboard enables you to:

  • View your project statistics.
  • Promote your project via social media.
  • Manage and interact with your growing project team (e.g. thanking donors, organising volunteers, arranging to collect materials).

If you meet your targets before the project finishes, the pledges can continue to be collected.


Start or join a group

Groups are private areas; which only group members can participate in. So if you set a challenge, start a project, create an event or poll that is private to the group, it means that only the group will see this and be able to participate in it.

Groups can also have private discussions. As with all activities, these can be started by anyone within the group but is administered by the group admin (the person who created the group).


We hope you enjoy using Made Open. It's simple to use and has been designed for all the good people in this world, like you.