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Extending a school sports pilot project.

My local primary school is piloting the idea of trying 25 different sports in a year, to follow my existing challenge of 100 sports and wondered if this is something which could be extended to other schools.

Posted by SofaDodger on the 03rd Feb 2015.

I am currently blogging about trying 100 sports and fitness classes in a year.  My local primary school have been inspired and have taken on the challenge of each student trying 25 different sports in 2 terms.  It is going really well and wondered if it is a project which could be extended to more schools.

Recent publicity:

MadeOpen - Idea from Jay Heaton via twitter: 'A full week sports festival based on the 25 sports would be good.'

MadeOpen - Reply from Ross Facey via twitter: 'Yes! Do it instead of the Dvd fest towards the end of summer term or nativity overload!

woolfie - very nice


Kathrynwoolf - Great idea. I think other schools would benefit from some kind of Guidebook or Website that explains more about the project and how to do it. For example, a recommended schedule, a list of different sports to try and what organisations in Cornwall could help with activities. Have you been in touch with Cornwall Council youth services team about this? Also, Public Health (Cornwall and National) might be interested in supporting the project as its all about keeping kids healthy and active. Good luck!


SofaDodger - Thanks so much - that is great advice.