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I make cider from apples that people don't want. How can I find out where more unused orchards are?

I make cider from 'wasted apples' in Cornwall. I recover apples where the owners cannot use some or all of the apples and turn it into craft cider. To increase scale I need to find more unused or abandoned orchards. Do you know of any in Cornwall?

Posted by MARudge on the 03rd Aug 2015.

I recover apples from single apple trees or orchards where the owners cannot use some or all of the apples and turn it into cider. Wasted Apple on Facebook

For the first time this year I am selling my product – well almost, it’s not quite ready, but will be in a few weeks. The idea and the brand seems to have captured people’s imagination and I am getting a lot of interest. Nevertheless one of the important lessons I have learnt this year is that the business won’t scale while I am collecting from people who only have 2 or 3 trees. It works best where I have at least 10 or more.

At one time every farm had an orchard and I suspect there are many orchards out there where people simply cannot use the apples and would be grateful for someone to come and take them and in return give them some cider.

Can you help me find them?

Kathrynwoolf - could people who have excess apples from trees in their garden deliver to a convenient place? I live near Truro and would be happy to donate our apples! You could even start a project on here asking for apple donations?

woolfie - Great idea K - every year we have loads of excess apples that get wasted.


woolfie - Seriously Mark, we have loads of apples in our garden. Enough for a small brewery!

MARudge - Hi woolfie. Guess all you apples have gone now? I have had an amazing response and juiced 2400 litres however I am a little bit short on my last batch. :-)


richardfreeman - Have you thought of creating a map of these? Ex-geography teacher idea here I know, but I do like the ideas here for example -

MARudge - Not really keen on a map Richard - everyone else will be getting all the apples I want! :-)


woolfinimo - Hi MARudge. We have four carrier bags of apples going - want them?

MARudge - Hi woolfinimo. I've only just seen this. Guess they have all gone now?