How can we better support vulnerable young people with mental health problems?

There are more and more vulnerable young people in Cornwall displaying clear mental health problems. These people are vulnerable to themselves, to others, and indeed to exploitation. It is not good enough to accept this growing trend. We need to collectively support this vulnerable client group.

Posted by MadeOpen on the 18th Apr 2016.

This issue was submitted by White Gold - a local charity in Cornwall offering vulnerable young people the help, support and guidance they need to realise their full potential. The project provides young people with mentoring to help them get back into education, training and mainstream society.

White Gold believe that there is an opportunity for a project that helps agencies to work better together to address the issues highlighted above. The project must include qualitative information exchange between whoever is considered part of the support package for this client base. 

It could incorporate volunteers but there must be some financial compensation for staff to be involved in their support.  The level of risk is far greater than other client groups, therefore it should be recognised. Please contrubute your ideas and thoughts here.

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