EPIC 4: Patient empowerment

Posted by RayJones on the 22nd Nov 2017.

RayJones -
It was highlighted that Cornwall has considerable experience in home supported care, for example, for anti-coagulation therapy, chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD) and diabetes. Many of the workshops included discussion and concern about the decommissioning of the telehealth service, but there were many positive suggestions about new uses of home testing and monitoring devices linked to patient education and decision support. Existing integrated kiosks were discussed along with more ad hoc approaches and it was felt that Cornish SMEs might be able to produce cheaper bespoke products – both for home and waiting room use - including more patient education and perhaps linked to medical records to enable tailoring to the individual and immediate upload of patient generated data. More use could be made of webinars and discussion forums for patient education and support either led by patient groups such as Diabetes UK, or by clinicians.

ac - I think the idea is good


ac - This is my idea about Patient empowerment which is shaping up but slowly :)