Realistically, how can a family of four avoid shopping at supermarkets?

I think supermarkets are bad for local communities, and bad for the environment. It's crazy to be shipping goods 1000's of miles, when a lot of it could be grown or sourced locally. The problem is they're too convenient...and my kids like Cherios. Any tips for cutting out Tesco & co?

Posted by geoffmuskett on the 09th Dec 2014.

rfb - Local shops, such as farm shops, butchers and green grocers are a great source of local and artisan produce. You will be pleasantly surprised at the costs of some of the 'basics' compared to the supermarket. These places do tend to be open less hours than supermarkets, so if it is inconvenient to get to them, use a food delivery service or veg box scheme, many of which offer full control over which vegetables you do and don't like.

geoffmuskett - A recipe based delivery service might be interesting too - buy the ingredients for a specific meal


andyfooley - Just shop at super markets they're awesome