Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Can anyone help with my idea for Digital Cornwall Week? Open studios, digital awards, speakers etc

I would love to help organise an event for Cornwall much like the one in Bristol. Just google Digital Bristol week to find out more, it's great. There are a huge number of creative digital businesses doing amazing and innovative work in Cornwall, and I think we all need to so more to shine and light on the talent here and help the creative digital industry grow in the region.

Posted by Kathrynwoolf on the 07th Jan 2015.

My idea, is to have a week long programme of events (could possibly tie in with Cornwall Business Week?) with a focus on digital. It would be great if creative design and digital businesses could get involved by opening their doors to the public for a day so people, students etc could see what goes on behind the scenes. A programme of talks would be an opportunity for digital design and technology businesses to share knowledge and learn from industry experts. An 'excellence in digital' awards type event would be an opportunity for local businesses to get recognised for the work they do. These are just my initial thoughts and I would love to hear from anyone that can help me shape this idea and make it happen. If there is sufficient interest I will investigate further and perhaps start a project on Made Open to raise money and gather support. Thanks, Kathryn Woolf - Director of Sea Communications

woolfie - Subject to funding, I'd be happy to organise the awards event. Very happy to convert our offices into a temporary cinema too.


judehann - If we can have a 'try before you buy' session(s) for employers who are interested in having a digital apprentice then I might be able to help... there was a short summer school run with BlueFruit that found the 'New Talent' for some software companies... We're also running a whole load of Digital High Street courses across Feb & Mar - encouraging small retailers to get online with the help of local digital companies... could celebrate the impact some of that will have?

MarkSadler5 - Hi Jude, I'm following on twitter, please follow back. I'dd be interested in helping with your courses. Cheers Mark


judehann - Could we run a Hackspace too? Stick 'em all in AIR??


MarkMcDonnell - Kathryn. I'll offer a Content Clinic. 100 answers to 1 question: What should I say on my website?


denizergurel - I think a hackathon event would be cool!

Kathrynwoolf - Thanks for your idea. Maybe we could live stream the event so that people in Turkey (and the rest of the world) can see what is happening in Cornwall?


Pmridley - This sounds fantastic! I'm a Digital Media Design student at Falmouth University and would love to help out. You should get in touch with the uni as there are some talented students here creating brilliant work, plus it would be a great way for students to network with local businesses!


richardfreeman - +1 for an open studio, we have our office with surfboards in down in Newquay! Maybe an open coding clinic?